The operating system that empowers leaders to find, build and manage workplaces they love.

From running your active searches, managing your leases and analyzing workplace occupancy all in one place, WorkplaceOS is your one stop shop for every important real estate decision you need to make.

One platform for your
dynamic portfolio.

Workplace Analytics

Real-time utilization metrics you can trust Actively manage your offices to align with your employees’ use patterns and tailor your workplace strategy to better suit your workforce.

Integrate your existing tools By leveraging HRIS and badge data, gain insights into employee trends: is it the daily commute or the allure of Taco Tuesday?

Insights at your fingertips Understand how your employees utilize your space so you can optimize your portfolio, increase your return on investment, and create and iterate on effective engagement strategies.

Workplace Analytics

Portfolio Management

Gain insights into your lease(s) Obtain full access into every lease, sublease, flex contract, and active search to stay ahead of the rapidly-changing hybrid landscape.

Critical date alerts Simplify critical date management with automated notifications for events such as rent increases, renewal options and termination rights.

Rent schedule overview Easily access a comprehensive view of rent schedules and lease terms in your portfolio, giving you a clear understanding of your financial obligations.

Portfolio Management

Transaction Management

Real-time Inventory & Market Data Raise curates the most up-to-date inventory across all geographies and competitive market information.

In-App Collaboration Tired of juggling multiple communication channels in your site selection process? Our platform consolidates your broker and peer interactions into a single experience.

Market Research Raise offers unparalleled insights, context, and a fresh perspective on industry trends.

Commute Analysis By leveraging employee commute data and zip code analysis, we enable informed decision-making regarding commute length and location strategies.

Transaction Management

One platform for your
dynamic portfolio.

Nail your budgets

Take the guesswork out of your real estate strategy with real time metrics on your spaces, what they cost and how they are used. With WorkplaceOS, you can be more confident in your reporting and forecasting than ever before.

Whether you are office-centric, remote-first or hybrid, set your office engagement goals that are right for you and know exactly how each location performs every day. Get real time analytics on office attendance down to each location, department and commuter.

Get the most out of your real estate

Technology to
drive you forward

Gone are the days of spending countless hours manually pulling together data sets to report on occupancy and utilization, only to deliver outdated reports. Get hours back in your day and choose WorkplaceOS for data you can rely on.

Backed by the power of WorkplaceOS, our team of workplace advisors, brokers, and project managers will help you turn these insights into actionable steps. Our team analyzes your data, uncovers your real estate strategy, and continues to monitor your portfolio.

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