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community and connection.

At Raise, we're all about unleashing the power of our employees by promoting their strengths, allowing them to bring their whole selves to work, and creating a team like no other in the industry. Join us and be a part of something truly unique!

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What Raisers are saying about work life.

E Sterns
Principal Product Designer

I seek companies prioritizing a culture of collaboration, respect, and challenging the status quo. They excel at problem-solving, innovation, adaptability, and a strong emphasis on design and a diverse product range is also essential. Raise embodies all these qualities and, combined with an exceptional team, excites me for Mondays.

Franky Venegas
Data Ops Manager

Working for Raise is one of the best decisions I’ve made! I feel genuinely empowered to learn and grow in my role. I feel supported in my decision to explore new and creative ways to contribute to our company goals.

Kat Kozlowski
Sr. Real Estate Advisor

I bring my authentic self to work and know that I'm making a positive impact culturally to the team. Raise makes a comfortable environment to share my hobbies and interests and connect with others who are interested in me.

Sergio Espriella
VP, Workplace Client Experience

What I love most about working at Raise is the positive workplace culture and the dynamic nature of the work. It's also rewarding to witness my work positively impact optimizing client workplaces.

Petra Durnin
Head of Market Analytics

Working at Raise is an extraordinary journey of personal growth and professional development. I’m surrounded by amazing like-minded humans and innovators, driven by a shared vision and a passion for making a difference. It’s a fulfilling and inspiring workplace where we dream big to reshape the commercial real estate industry.

Jason Noh
Senior Software Engineer

I've had the privilege of working on impactful, high-visibility projects that have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. The company's commitment to a sense of team and collaboration has created an environment where we truly win as a team. I love working at Raise because it provides exceptional career opportunities and cultivates a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

Kendall MacArthur
Data Entry Specialist

I love working at Raise because of the people - everyone is so hardworking and genuinely cares about how the team is doing mentally. My managers know that a healthy, balanced life is so important because it helps us exceed expectations in our goals and projects. It can be easy to feel replaceable in the corporate world, but Raise knows how to ensure each employee knows their worth.

Our perks.

Medical, dental & vision

Raise pays 99% of employee premiums for 2 medical providers, Delta Dental, and VPS Vision.

Flexible paid time off

Our vacation policy is flexible and includes holidays and sick days.


Raise observes 13 federal holidays and provides a week off at year-end for rejuvenation.

Parental leave

Eligible employees can enjoy up to 16 weeks of paid time off with our Parental Leave benefits.

Commuter benefits

In addition to pre-tax benefits, Raise contributes $50/month for commutes and parking.

401(K) accounts

Traditional & Roth 401(k) accounts are available to all employees.

Team building

Raise encourages team bonding, including an annual company offsite!

Professional development

We offer a Learning & Development stipend for professional growth.

Come help us Raise the bar!