Our team of project managers provide high-touch support through the full construction lifecycle from planning through design, budgeting and build. We offer unmatched support at every stage of the project.

Let's get started

Constructing your dream space.

Concept and plan

We’ll help you conceptualize your dream space and develop an achievable plan, including a realistic budget and timeline.

Services provided

  • Take business plans to define requirements
  • Assemble a team
  • Establish protocols for support
  • Drive realistic budgets and timelines
Concept and plan


We’ll provide high-touch support through the full construction lifecycle of a project.

Services provided

  • Evaluate, adjust, and advocate for our clients
  • Create RFPs to manage vendors
  • Deliver real-time progress reports
  • Report and optimize on an ongoing basis to deliver projects on time

A consistent voice and a collaborative partnership.

Get hands-on support through the full construction lifecycle – from planning and design to build outs and budgeting. Raise’s Project Management team becomes the central point of leadership of any project, managing all processes, vendors, and partners.

Streamlined collaboration

Ongoing project status, updates, and go-forward plans

Where “all in one place” means… all in one place.

With Raise’s Program Management Offering, we act as a single point of accountability across multiple locations and projects going on at the same time. That way, your team can focus on what they love, and let us handle the intricacies of each build.

Make strategic decisions faster

Real-time data to analyze labor and material pricing, as well as lead times in a shifting environment

One consistent point of contact across multiple geographies

Embedded project managers at each site

Trusted globally by the world's leading companies