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Receive white glove support with industry-leading brokers who will go to the ends of the earth for your real estate needs.


Helping clients find a workplace they love

From sourcing your perfect office to your first day of business and beyond, Raise's expert team of brokers utilizes modern technology enabling clients to make strategic decisions faster.

Our global brokerage services

At Raise, brokerage is a team endeavor. All of our expertise and our best listings are shared between brokers and available to your team 24/7 on our collaborative online workspace. Because finding the perfect space happens when everything is on the table—and when everyone around the table is working as one.

Tenant Representation

Finding your future workplace only happens together. Raise curates real time market availability to match our client’s strategy and goals, resulting in a deep partnership throughout every phase of the transaction.

Sublease Representation & Dispositions

Why can't your old workspace be someone else's ideal next move? While we work with you to find your next work home, we’ll put that same dedication into finding a company to complete the lease you’re leaving behind. Have a space that you no longer need? We can help with that, too.

Flex Offerings

Welcome to the future! It’s flexible! Raise’s unique experience, data, and platform help you incorporate agile solutions into your portfolio strategy —whether that’s building your hybrid portfolio or accessing real-time flex inventory.

Multimarket Representation

We’re not limited by physical locations, so you shouldn’t be either. Our firm-agnostic, market agnostic model, coupled with our cloud-based tech enables us to cover the whole map, wherever you need to be.

Landlord Representation

Your tenants should be as unique as your building. That means you should see every opportunity in the market and explore every angle. Our brokers work tirelessly to connect you with these companies, pairing you with our technology so you can make decisions faster and reduce risk.

Together, with technology.
A platform that allows us to work as one

Rather than rely on legacy real estate processes, Raise has built modern technology that enables clients to instantly access the most up-to-date market information across the industry’s rapidly-changing hybrid landscape, collaborate live with their team, and manage their portfolio all on one streamlined platform.

Portfolio Management

In a single view, Raise gives you full access to critical dates and every lease agreement to oversee and manage global leasing operations

Market Analytics

Receive real-time data and bespoke market insights to make strategic decisions faster

Multi-Market Search

Discover best-in-class, multi-market workplaces across all geographies and service lines in one view


Easy to access and in real-time on one shared workspace, Raise curates the most up-to-date, inventory and competitive market information

In-App Collaboration

The first-of-its-kind digital workspace that streamlines collaboration and centralizes communication and data streams

Heat Map

Raise provides access to the rapidly changing hybrid landscape, collective transit behaviors, employee trends, and a real-time look at flex inventory per market

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