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Our newest product offering, Workplace Analytics

Our Take

From the desk of Justin Bedecarre

We've launched Workplace Analytics, our new office utilization and occupancy platform. It provides a comprehensive view of how your employees engage with your offices, considering factors like geography, departments, work modes, and commutes. We automate all the administrative work that used to take you and your team hours upon hours…all you have to do is sign-in to WorkplaceOS on any of your devices and get real time feeds of exactly the data you need to run your workplace strategy. We built Workplace Analytics right into our best-in-class, all-in-one real estate platform - WorkplaceOS, so for the first time, real estate and workplace leaders can access all your lease and portfolio data, workplace analytical information and transactions, within a single platform.

This is a huge day for our clients, and a major milestone for Raise.

But why did we build it?

In the past year, I’ve personally spoken to over 60 real estate and workplace leaders, listening to the challenges they face in navigating this quickly evolving industry. Whether it’s executives overseeing thousands of employees across global offices or  leaders managing 100-person startups with a handful of locations, I’ve engaged with professionals from major law firms and private equity firms to publicly traded technology companies to high growth startups. No matter what industry or size of company, I have been amazed at the commonalities each of them face in running real estate portfolios in 2023.

The single most common challenge that workplace leaders face: how do we maximize the return on investment in our real estate.

Workplace Analytics originated during a Raise Hackathon where our engineers built a working prototype. They utilized APIs to fetch our HR data through Rippling and badge data from our SF HQ from Openpath, displaying real-time occupancy data in our Portfolio Management product. I remember their demo like it was yesterday, everyone in the company erupted in applause. Despite many of us being up for almost 3 days straight for the Hackathon, we kicked off development that night, and we have relentlessly worked to  deliver this exceptional product ever since.

Workplace Analytics gives our clients a real-time view of how their employees engage with their offices. It serves as the system of record for all of your real estate data, tracking every lease, search and now every time an employee badges in,  synthesizing this information seamlessly within the WorkplaceOS platform.

We launched our first product at Raise in January of 2016 to make it easier for companies to find workplaces they love. We have always strived to deliver products that people want, that solve real problems and bring joy to the people who use them. We started this journey eight years ago in my apartment, building our first product for a small number of clients opening their first offices.

Fast forward eight years, we now represent one of the 10 most valuable companies globally, the most important AI companies in the world and one of the biggest hedge funds. We also represent many companies just getting started in their first office. The one thing that unites them is they all deserve a better way to find, build and manage workplaces they love.

We get the privilege to serve amazing clients like Sandra Ladao, VP of Real Estate at Samsara. She describes what Workplace Analytics means to her, “We see Workplace Analytics by Raise as a tool delivering us real-time occupancy and utilization insights that help us shape our strategies for how employees engage with the office."

This is a huge step forward in our mission to help everyone find, build and manage workplaces they love. The same mission we set out to achieve since the moment we onboarded our first client to Dealroom. Now, thousands of clients have used our products to run their office searches and manage their real estate portfolios. 

We want to make this industry that we love so much into an industry that we are proud of. I am so proud of our team for building something people want, and I could not be more excited about where we take the WorkplaceOS platform from here.

I can't wait for you to experience Workplace Analytics, reach out for a demo here.

If you want to get a preview of this product, see my teammate Beth walk you through it on Loom.

- Justin