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Q1 2024 Product Updates

Product Updates

Managing your portfolio shouldn't be a hassle. Our new WorkplaceOS features streamline the process, saving you time and giving you a clearer view of your leases. Enhancements like SSO and data enhancements set a new standard for efficiency and innovation in lease management.

Easy One-Click Login with Google and Okta

New Sign-in Features:

  • SSO Integrations Beta
    • Enjoy one-click login with Google credentials and streamlined access control via Okta SSO. These integrations reduce login times and provide advanced security features, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.
  • Okta Directory Integration
    • Elevate your security and simplify user management with our new Okta Directory Integration in WorkplaceOS. This feature ensures precise access control, streamlining the onboarding process to Workplace Analytics.

A New Era for Portfolio Management

What can you expect?

  • Workplace Analytics Integration
    • Workplace Analytics metrics are now displayed in lease view for easy performance tracking.
  • Enhanced Rent Schedule
    • New Date Range Filter: Customize rent analysis by filtering dates.
    • Expanded Opex Functionality: Manage expenses more effectively with new Opex categories for expenses, utilities, taxes, and more.
    • Cost Breakdown Flyout: Gain a detailed cost breakdown by clicking on each line item within the rent schedule.
  • Mobile Responsiveness
    • Access your portfolio and stay connected anytime, anywhere with our fully mobile-responsive platform.