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Media RED

Case Study

A not-so-typical media agency outgrows their typical coworking space.  

Media RED isn’t your typical agency. They’re more like special-ops storytellers — taking on production, creative, and strategy all under one roof. The problem was, that roof used to be a WeWork, and Media RED needed a more bespoke, flexible space that could accommodate their evolving needs. 

The team loved the community vibes of their WeWork office, but they didn’t love the higher price per square foot. The firm needed a trusted partner to help them find and build a workspace that would meet their rapidly growing headcount, as well as impress clients. 

Plus, as a full-service agency, Media RED relies on moment-to-moment collaboration that can only happen under one roof, so remote work wasn’t really an option for employees. And their growing client base of billion-dollar brands and global non-profits also wanted to work with a firm with a physical footprint. Enter, Raise. 

Securing custom space without sacrifice. 

Finding space in a competitive market is challenging, but Raise’s sophisticated platform put Media RED a step ahead of the competition. With easy access to specs on flexible workspaces as soon as they hit the market, the firm could quickly compare their options. 

“Raise’s digital platform is amazing,” said Media RED’s Founder and CEO Tom Leach. “We were able to source and view tons of properties with high-resolution photos and get immediate updates from our broker, Owen Fileti, helping us streamline an already clear process.” 

Raise’s real-time data and dedicated broker support helped Media RED find their dream space—while saving them money they could invest in their business. Plus, dedicated support through the build-out process meant Media RED could focus on their mission without getting tripped up on logistics.

“We always have someone to email or call. This is our first big and private space, so having the experienced professionals at Raise work with us to make sure we avoid common mistakes and pitfalls is a great resource.” 

After finding the perfect location, Raise’s Workplace Services team worked with Media RED to customize the space to reflect their color palette, build out their edit bays, and even led negotiations with the owners to get their logo on the outside of the building. Now, 150,000 cars a day can see Media RED’s signage as they drive down LA’s 405 Freeway.

THE RESULT: A space worth commuting to and a partnership worth investing in. 

While beautiful office space and brand presence are valuable, finding the right space was about more than just publicity. Building out a workspace with a community kitchen, entertainment areas, and room to expand sent a powerful message to employees. Media RED not only told them — they showed them that the firm is committed to growth and that they’re willing to invest in a strong working environment for their employees. 

The up-scale, collaborative atmosphere is what employees are looking forward to most, and it also speaks volumes to their premium client base. By developing a space that checked both boxes, Raise is helping Media RED stand out and attract both talent and new business.

“I not only look forward to working with Raise as our office needs to expand in the future, but I’m a huge advocate of Raise for anyone in search of beautiful office spaces. Working with Raise feels like you have the experience of real estate experts with the modernization, sophistication, and efficiencies that come with great digital workflows.”

Key Highlights

  • Graduating from WeWork to a truly flexible office space
  • Finding the perfect space with Raise
  • Building an environment that shows employees they’re valued
  • Experiencing the peace of mind that comes with an experienced real estate partner