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Case Study

Lattice, a pioneer in people management technology, has been faced with a “good” problem: its rapid growth meant they couldn’t stay in one office for too long. Since its founding in 2015, the company started off in a small apartment.


People management software


100 in San Francisco, CA


Inspiring winning cultures


High Growth


Amount of conference rooms

Dedicated all-hands space



Slated for Early 2021

Lattice hired Raise’s project management team (Kyla Brennan and Sean Puterbaugh) to help coordinate the buildout of their new space. Raise acted as the liaison between Lattice and multiple landlord representatives, the general contractor and construction crew, and various furniture vendors. Raise helped Lattice keep costs down by ensuring the landlord provided what was stipulated in their lease without incurring additional costs, as well as having vendors justify their costs by detailing out exactly what and why something would cost what it was estimated to; in one instance, Raise brought a vendor’s costs down by over half a million dollars.

Lattice will soon begin opening its new doors to employees, showcasing a space that embodies their people-centric culture and mid-century modern aesthetic. 

Once Lattice was ready for its first office in 2017, Raised helped secure their space. A few years later, their then 80-person team was spilling over into other distributed spaces, and Raise again entered the picture. Raise helped Lattice secure a larger space -- a sublease on the same street that was about four times the size of their original office. By January 2019, the company moved here to quickly accommodate their then 100-plus person team. And yet, shortly after their move, Lattice realized they wanted a more permanent headquarters that truly embodied the company’s vision and mission.