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A historic building with classic details and a view of the bay

Lightstep had previously moved into a short term sublease to address their growing headcount, but they knew it was not a permanent home. After looking ahead at the next 2-5 years, the company realized it needed to find a space that better expressed their brand, provided an improved employee experience, and accommodated their long term employee growth projections.

Working with Raise (John Diepenbrock, Felipe Gomez) they searched across the Bay Area, looking at a wide variety of spaces both using Raise’s technology and doing live, in-person tours. Available spaces ranged from “plug and play” solutions that were move-in ready all the way through buildings that required a large amount of construction to eventually fit their needs.

Raise and Lightstep found a desirable space within a historic brick and timber building in the North Waterfront. Lightstep loved the building for its charm, natural light, interconnecting stairwell, full kitchen, showers, and a private roof deck, as well as the flexibility to grow into the space over time. Still, several obstacles with the lease and other interested parties required that the decision to move forward be made within an incredibly short timeframe.

During the week of Thanksgiving 2019, Raise helped Lightstep go from a letter of intent to a fully executed lease, working fast and furiously to: complete financial analysis on the lease opportunity, fully negotiate all legal documents, finalize construction estimates, and approve floor/finish plans. Raise’s longstanding relationship with Lightstep in addition to the building’s brokers all helped enable the swift turnaround.

“Raise's brokerage and project management teams went above and beyond, wildly exceeding our expectations from search to move-in."
Jen Hugo
Lightstep, VP of Finance

Lightstep had three months to renovate and move into their space before their existing lease expired. The Lightstep team leaned early on Raise’s Head of Project Management Kyla Brennan to help recommend a set of vendors such as furniture vendors, designers, and then-external project manager (Casie McCarthy, now on Team Raise). With the right team on the field, Lightstep moved forward and executed against their plan to deliver a high end, brick and timber headquarters.