Raise Launches New Denver Office

Denver marks the opening of our fourth market, and first outside of California. I could imagine no better city to start our march across the country than Denver.

In a world in which companies can choose anywhere to call home, Denver is at the top of the list. The breadth of talent, the home grown tech ecosystem, and access to top universities are creating network effects to make Denver one of the strongest markets in the country. Denver is a place of possibility.

We started Raise to help companies find, build and manage workplaces they love. We started this company to ignite the full potential in brokers and workplace leaders. We started this company to turn an industry we love, into an industry we are proud of.

The founding team for Raise Denver represents everything we stand for at Raise. They are the epitome of the people we are building this company for.

Alex, Matt, Leah, Mike and Alanna have made it their life's work to go to the ends of the earth for their clients. This team led by Alex have performed at the highest level and seen great success, while operating with the utmost integrity. I am so proud to call them teammates, and together we are going to shape the future of work in Denver and across the country.


Co-Founder and CEO of Raise