New Team Announcements

Our year has started off strong. Our clients are committing to the office and together we are reimagining the future of the workplace. We are in a once-in-a-generation opportunity to redefine how office space can draw people together in meaningful and productive ways. Our core values at Raise are “win as a team” and “go to the ends of the earth for our clients”. As more and more clients return to the office, we are guided by these two values by putting together a world-class team that powers our brokerage, workplace design and construction, and technology.


Changing an industry is not easy. We live our mission by bringing together top-tier commercial real estate and technology professionals. Today, we take a big step by hiring three phenomenal people that are taking on this challenge with us.


In August of 2020 in the depths of the pandemic, we launched our Silicon Valley market, our third, with an all-star founding team. We got right to work finding the best people to grow that office. When I first met Matt Winters, who has spent 18 stellar years at Newmark, I was immediately drawn to his passion for our industry and his work serving high growth technology companies and forward-looking landlords. He has a deep desire to build a better way to do his work,  collaborate with his colleagues, and deliver the level of service that his clients deserve, and we are thrilled to see what he can do at Raise for our clients!


Our vision for Raise is to be an all-in-one solution for companies to manage their commercial real estate - from search to build to space management. We have a growing demand from our clients to work with our project management team to design and build out their workplaces. We are thrilled to welcome Eve Rossmere, who joins Raise after 7 years at the second largest commercial real estate firm in the world, JLL. After working with companies like Lyft, Square and Allbirds to run the design and build-out of their headquarters and satellite offices, Eve has a deep knowledge of what is required at the most innovative companies in the world. She is excited to empower our clients to define what office space means to them and help us build a unified team powered by technology. 


The fabric that ties together all our client teams with our clients is our technology platform. We make our team more efficient, better informed, and give our clients a level of service, transparency and intelligence never before seen in our industry. We are making significant investments in our products, and we welcome Uday Nandam to lead product management. He has extensive experience in both big tech and startups, developing immense empathy for the people he designs products for. He will be collaborating with our engineers and product designers as well as our clients to build our platform to be even more powerful to find, build and manage workplaces more seamlessly.


Welcome to Raise, team. Let’s go build the future of real estate together!