Introducing Raise Portfolio Management

One interface for you to view all past, present, and upcoming leases in one place, alongside real-time market data in a collaborative workspace.

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portfolio management software

As a Raise client, you already have access to our portfolio management software to keep track of critical dates across your global locations.

Whether you have one lease or one hundred, Raise’s Portfolio Management tool allows you to track, manage, and organize all leases (direct, subleases, and flex) in one convenient and intuitive interface.

That way, your team can get back to their world-class work!

How do I view my portfolio and get started? It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. NDA

Determine data sharing requirements / NDA — Raise can provide our template or we’re happy to work with your team’s NDA.


Provide a secure link where leases are stored — it can be Dropbox, Box, or another preferred site where your leases are stored (including direct, subleases and coworking membership agreements).


Depending on your portfolio size, we can abstract your leases and have them ready to view within two weeks.


Once the leases are ready to view, we will send you a link with login instructions within the Raise portal. Our team will schedule time with you to review the portfolio information, show you how to use it and answer any questions you may have.


“With Raise’s Portfolio Management tool, I can see key lease information in an easily accessible way. I haven’t seen another tool with this level of detail and accuracy — and in one display — until using this platform.”

“We all know that information provided in leases isn’t always relevant to the real estate team when making strategic decisions. Most of the tools today are cumbersome and finding basic lease information is tedious. Raise’s Portfolio Management tool allows me to see critical dates, total square footage, and key lease information in a concise and consumable manner, so I can share real-time information when needed.”

“This is the sleekest and cleanest display of complex information for our team. The biggest bonus? This is a tool provided to Raise clients - there's no better white-glove service than having this information right at our fingertips.”

“Raise’s Portfolio Management tool allows my team to quickly view our occupancy levels for all of our locations globally. Whether sharing information with our executives or our on-the-ground team, I can click a button and present real numbers in seconds.”

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